Spring Rosters

March 16 Schedule:

Noon – Team Cara v. Team Carolyn

2 p.m. – Team Shelly v. Team Katie



Bishoff, Katie

Britland, Monica

Brown, Ashley

Bouchard, Myriam

Cross, Gina

Delperuto, Kristi

Green, Kristen

Holmes, Michelle

Humphrey, Kailynn

Juget, Rita

Mannion, Cara

Rolley, Jennifer

Scott, Alicia

Tretina, Cari

Ridout, Jennifer


Carter, Holly

Carter, Whitney

Driver, Janae

Flowers, Kathryn

Higgins, Tracy

Jett, Jessica

King, Heather

LeCrom, Carrie

Martin, Melissa

Martin, Miranda

Newcombe, Beth

Otto, Shannon

Palencia, Wendy

Stevens, Carolyn


Abernathy, Annie

Brady, Shavon

Carmody, Ann Marie

Dalis, Libbie

Donnelly, Meghan

Giambanco, Debbie

Miller, Morgan

Mann, Stacy

McGee, Shelly

Ordonez, Yesenia

Rinderle, Judy

Satchell, Jennifer

Scott, Sharon

Severson, Hannah

Simmons, Valyncia


Darvish, Anna

Clark, Cheryn

Cuenin, Amy

Davis, Katie

Glowinski, Katie

Glowinski, Virginia

Hinson, Rachel

Lehr, Graham

Linask, Maia

Loftis, Emma

Long, Amanda

Preisig, Tatjana

Simmons, Caitlan

Cleveland, Bethany




Update on Spring Season 2014

Due to the number of late registrations and the weather, CWSA spring season for 2014 will begin on March 16 instead of March 9.  Players will be notified of their team placement late next week.  Be sure to check our Facebook page and the website for updates. Thank you. CWSA.