Important Message Regarding CWSA Spring 2014 Season

CWSA is excited to announce a new plan to breathe fresh life into the league that we have grown to love.  The CWSA board has discussed at length and voted to approve an initiative to build enthusiasm, enhance the quality, and increase the number of teams within the league. The result will ultimately benefit not only our current players but also those new women in the community who desire to play recreational soccer.

The current teams that are and have been a part of CWSA are being disbanded, and new teams will be established beginning with the Spring 2014 season.  CWSA is creating new teams in an attempt to bring equality to each team that is a member of the league.  CWSA, via its board members and team captains, will create these new teams so that each team will have an equal number of skilled, moderate and beginning players.  As a result, the era of creating stacked teams at the expense of fergie little pokies a dwindling soccer league, coupled with the discouraged and disenchanted new or beginning player, has ended.  CWSA is dismantling the current teams and creating new ones in an effort to show that the board is committed to a fresh start.  Healthy competition and the opportunity to foster new friendships will re-invigorate current players to continue in the league as well as inspire potential new or returning players to realize they have an equal chance of being part of a winning team.

We look forward to sharing in this exciting new change with everyone in the Spring of 2014!  CWSA strongly encourages everyone to register by February 10, 2014 so that teams can be created and players notified of their team placement. Registrations received by January 15, 2014 will pay a registration fee of $60.  Registrations received after January 15, 2014 will pay a registration fee of $65.

Registration is now open!  Registration forms are here:  Spring 2014 registration.2014

Thank you, CWSA